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    HELP!! AEBS keeps BREAKING my disks after Leopard??...(PICS).
    I've been trying to track down why my disks have been running slower recently and that my windows PC's seem to loose connection to the AEBS network (the airdisk is sharing over a windows network) after a couple of hours (sometimes a day). I have also recently upgraded to Leopard. The router is a Fast Ethernet (10/100) with 7.1.1 and am in 802.11n 5 Ghz mode.

    I tried to start over by backing up everything from the airdisk, formatting it to Extended (not journaled) file format and trying it again. I even reset all the settings in the router.

    I plugged it in last night and it seemed fine. My windows machines were seeing the airdisk network just fine and transfer speeds were good. However, this morning, I noticed that my windows PC's could no longer view it, although, I am able to view the airdisk from my macbook.

    The bigger problem is that, when i plug the drive directly into my computer, i get the errors below, saying that it cannot be repaired and that it is read-only. I'm hoping these two issues are related, but I NEED to be able to write to this disk when plugged into the laptop (I used to be able to, but no longer).

    The pics below are what I was getting before AND after I reformatted the disk and started over. I really have no clue what is happening here. Do you think the PC's connecting to it are messing up permissions? The router has not lost power and all disks were ejected properly. I've never had these errors before when plugging into a laptop and it has only started after upgrading to leopard and downgrading back from 7.2.1 to 7.1.1.

    (the images are hosted on my company's server and are safe).

    The error when plugged in (pops up after being plugged in)

    What it says under Get Info...

    When I plug into my macbook... (selected the drive) (selected the volume/partition)

    Could it be leopard? This is driving me crazy. Everything worked fine before this. I hope it isnt caused by leopard, as I really like the OS so far.

    Thanks so much!!


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    Apr 11, 2007
    Forgot to mention this in my post. I tried moving back up to 7.2.1 and it seems to have helped my video streaming and keeping my PC's connection to the drive from being least so far.

    however, i'm still noticing that whenever i plug the airdisk into my macbook after a couple hours or so of use, i get the errors above in the pics. if i plug it back into the router, im able to write to it.

    that would be fine, except i have to move hundreds of gigs worth of data BACK onto the drive from when i formatted it, which can be a ***** going over a network...


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