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    I own an IBOOK G3 and it does not have an airport card I am looking for an airport card that is inexpensive, I would like to know if there is an alternative to using an airport card and can purchase maybe a different card that will work that will cost less, or maybe a USB card that will pick up a wirless signal that is compatible with it. Also I have 256 MB on it now do I need to get an additional 512 MB for it to run smoothly or can I just get 256 more instead, since I am primarily using it for internet and it has an 800 mhz processor. Thanks again in advance for your help.

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    How much are you willing to shell out for an airport card? Look on craigslist, you can probably find one for $50, just remember it's not the airport extreme. You'll probably end up spending about the same for a wireless usb contraption. If you go wireless, do it right, buy the airport card.

    You can use the internet with 256 MBo f Ram, but adding more won't hurt.

    Hope this helps.

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