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Thread: need router help with wireless ethernet set up

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    Question need router help with wireless ethernet set up
    Right now I have dial up. I'm looking into getting on with a canopy system. wireless ethernet system. I also have an ibook which I want to continue to use and that's where the router comes into play. I've read the FAQ's and older posts so I have a very basic knowledge now. I don't play any games on the computer and I don't go far with the ibook in the house. Just into the next room.
    This system (wirelessbeehive) works out of our local radio shack store. So of course they want to sell you their routers. They carry Linksys. This is what wirelessbeehive says their system is all about......

    Based on the state-of-the-art Motorola Canopy™ equipment, the Wireless Beehive network brings you a fast, reliable connection. Unlike most wireless networks, Wireless Beehive is not based on 802.11 technology, giving you speedier and more reliable service. With a download speed bursting to 10.2Mbps* (almost seven times faster than a T1),
    Our Canopy system is based on not only the 5.8Ghz frequency, but also 5.3Ghz, 2.4Ghz and 900Mhz for greater, more reliable coverage of our service areas.

    So.... I'm assuming I wouldn't want a 802.11 router correct? I'm not sure which one I should get. I don't trust the radio shack people. I need to know what I want before I walk into the store. I don't have to get it there and I won't IF they don't carry what I would want but I remember they said something about a discount or a free something if I bought a wireless router there. Worth checking into anyway.
    Thanks for any help. I see one poster suggested a WRT 100 Linksys....

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    Found this article:

    Is it really that simple?? That should work right? I know they said they would install the router to my computer but I don't want them to -- they are PC people and I don't want them screwing with my macs. From the article, it says to NOT download the CD - not needed for Macs and I'm sure these installers would do just that.
    What I'm not totally clear on is the hookup with cables.....

    "To begin, make sure that if you used the ethernet cable provided with the router for the intial configuration above, that you unplug the cable and plug one end into the back of your DSL or Cable modem (or other internet connection) and one end into the 'Internet' port on your router. This will allow your router to share your internet connection with ANY and ALL machines talking to your router, whether through ethernet or wireless. The specific steps listed below deal with Mac OS X, but Windows machines can also access your router wirelessly."

    Or I'm trying to make something simple more difficult.

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