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    connecting my NAS drive directly to my Mac?
    Please excuse this post if any of you feel this is the wrong area (it seems to be kind of foggy to where it does belong)....Just looking for a Solution....

    I recently setup an Mac OSX server on my old Mac mini (for my home use) I was wondering if I could somehow setup my Buffalo Terastaion NAS to be controlled by (with perhaps the raid admin software). I don't mind id I have to re-format it. I notice in the raid controller software you can add a system....
    Anyone done this before?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Closer than you think.
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    Buffalo does not offer a Mac utility to configure their products.

    If it's already configured and you know it's IP, you can connect to it in Safari by IP if you configure your Macs IP to be on the same network as the NAS.

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    Thanks, that was very helpful. I posted this on the apple forum site an I never seem to get my posts answered.....they are quick to point out that I've posted in the wrong area....yet most of my posts go unanswered.
    Thank again,

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