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    Trouble down/uploading files from internet
    Im probably in the wrong area here but anyway, I have a wireless connection on my macbook. Wenever i try to download some freeware off apple downloads, bit torrents, or uploading pictures or dj mixes to the internet the blue loading bar sits at the http mark and doesnt progress. So i cannot complete these. Im wondering if anyone has experienced this and knows the answer as ive posted in a few other forums


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    It will most definitley be a question of not having the right ports open on your router. You need to use port forwarding to allow correct access.
    I am surprised that you can't get free ware stuff though - normally it would be ok, so that's a bit puzzling. Bit Torrent is a whole different matter.I assume you have no trouble browsing.
    Look up details about forwarding your router on Google, or if you have a D-Link, I can probably help you more.
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    hiya thanks for your help , yes. i do have a d-link wireless router. Is there anything i can physically do?? ive spent ages trying diffferent combos in preferences , proxies etc but ive just swapped over to mac in the last 2weeks so its a whole new world


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    and sorry no i dont have trouble browsing either, i was able to get freeware and bit toreents at first now im not able to

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