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    No signal on my airport?
    Okay so, all this week I haven't had any kind of connection to the internet at my house.I use a macbook and my mom uses her dell laptop for work.
    Anyway, I thought it was just our router that was the problem but now I'm at a friend's house for the weekend and I can't get anything on my browser.
    My airport says it's connected to the local network called Linksys(the name of the router) and that I'm connected to the internet via airport but I'm getting nothing.
    Also I use Parallels once in awhile and it says my host-guest is currently active, displays my IP, etc.Also my Parallels NAT is active, same thing.
    Is there a way to reset my airport without installing OS X again?

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    Is it an airport exteme? I'm not sure about the older airports but on the extremes there is a reset button next to the WAN port I believe but you'll need a ping to reset it.

    Before you do that though, try entering in the Router IP (if you know it) manually if you happen to know it.

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