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    Using a neighbor's wireless internet
    I am a newbie to the laptop world - hubby got me a MacBook 10.4.8
    so I have no experience logging on to the Internet outside of my home!
    If I am in an airport that is supposed to have free Internet how
    do I get on? It seems like Airport wants a password.
    I'm going to be staying at my Mom's house and would love
    to "borrow" her neighbor's wireless access - I was thinking
    of asking him for his password (if that is not too rude). Is that all I need?
    Thanks for the assistance - sorry I am so naive!

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    Well Airport is just Apple's cool word for Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi is just a word for wireless internet access.

    So, if you click on the little Airport button in the top left of your toolbar and there are wireless networks around (other "Airports") then there will probably be different names for close-by wireless networks.

    If this is confusing for you, just take your MacBook into a McDonalds, Starbucks, Borders Bookstore or another place that is a "Wi-Fi hotspot," and you'll know what I mean. Click on the Airport button, and choose the Wi-Fi network that you are in (it will most-likely say Starbucks, etc.). It should not ask you for a password.

    Certain places might charge you for internet, but I don't think so.
    So, if your mom's neighbor has wireless access, then yeah, he probably will tell you the password, it's not like you can change his network or hurt it at all without knowing other pieces of information.

    Do you know him well? If you do, then he shouldn't hesitate to give you the password. Before asking him for a password, try connecting to his network using the Airport button, etc., he might not have a password.

    Hope I helped!

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