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    Suggested Modem/Router for iMacs?
    I had a previous thread about my Linksys WCG200 (modem/router combo). I was getting dropped connections and garbage text on sites. I hooked up an old Motorola just now and everything's fine. It could still be a bit faster considering I have the fastest Internet plan, but I will need a router.

    So question.. as I look to buy a new modem and router (or combo), any suggestions? I don't think I'll go with Linksys anymore. I've heard some good things about D-Link, but should I go with a separate modem/router?


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    Closer than you think.
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    I use a seperate modem(Linksys befcmu10), router(Linksys befsr41, switch(3Com 3cgsu08) and APE for wireless.

    All Macs have had gigabit NIC's for years. They make a huge difference on my LAN with central file storage hence the 3Com switch.

    I work in IT and do some SOHO setups that only require entry level products. IMHO they are all junk. DLink, Linksys, Netgear, you name it. They're like Chevy, Ford and Dodge. Pick your poison. The only thing worse than home networking devices is the service provided to them.

    It's my second modem of the same type. The first lasted 3yrs. I hated paying Comcast any monthly rental. It's my second router of the same type, but they have all been recycled from other users. The switch replaced a 3Com baseline 3300 with SUPER LOUD fans.

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    I'm wondering if I shouldn't just get Airport Extreme, though I suppose I still need to know what modem to get. I know they're probably all the same. I just want to get as fast a connection as I can.

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    I've heard that Airport Extreme is like the most amazing of all routers.
    And plus, who wouldn't want that beauty sitting on your desk. ^_^

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    Do any of you use a service that caters to a whole building with Fiber? We have a service like that here in Vancouver from a company called Novus that supplies a lot of the condo complexes here. No modem needed and I use Airport Extreme.

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    Wow that's really interesting.. I had herd the same about the Airport Extreme but was not sure..

    Some more light on this topic would be very usefull.
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    Everything has since resolved itself, but I thought I'd post in case someone else stumbles across this thread down the line .. looking for a modem/router. Went with a Motorola SB5101 modem and a Linksys WRT54GS router. Works great! I had originally tried a D-Link G router and it was awful (as was their support).

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