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Thread: Hotmail with airport Problems

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    Hotmail with airport Problems
    Hello all,

    I am using an airport on OS X 10.3. I am having problems in logging on to hotmail.

    I get the sever not found error and things are fine in a wired network.

    Does Any Body know how to fix this.


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    I have not used hotmail.

    So what see maybe two problems. I f you can get to hotmail through a wired network, you should be able to get to hotmail via a wireless network.

    With that said, I am assuming you are having a problem accessing your hotmail account.

    What is the nature of the problem you are having. If you can give some more details, someone maybe able to help you.
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    Hotmail Problems
    The Problem I have is that I get a server not found mesaage.


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    I have no problem connecting to and I have an airport network. Have you tried clearing your cache and trying again or maybe even rebooting your machine?
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    This is a problem experienced by all computers on a LAN when connecting with Hotmail's servers. Essentially its to do with packets of data being sent. I forget the exact numbers so these figures are estimates.

    A LAN sends packets of 1500 where as the Hotmail servers will only go up to 1400. Therefore you are rejected by the Hotmail servers.

    There is something that you can do in order to correct this, but I dont know what, I am afraid. I was only passed this infromation on by a techie at our offices who was unable to do the same proceedure he does for the PCs to my PowerBook. So until then you just need to keep on hitting refresh and evneutally you will log into Hotmail.

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