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Thread: Slow Downloads speeds

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    Question Slow Downloads speeds
    Can anyone help!!!!

    I have an Airport Express and have problems with download speeds on some sites .If I connect direct by Ethanet cable my download speeds are very good 100- 140 Kbps but when using my airport I am lucky if I get 3Kbps. Do I need to change my settings? Please can someone help as I am bored of using wires

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    You definitly won't be able to match 140kps because the max download speed airport will take is 54kps. But, try upgrading your airport card software. You should be able to with software update.

    Also, try checking the settings on the wireless base station. You transmission power might be set at a low speed. Also, if you're Mulicast rate settings are set high, it could lower signal strength as well.

    Hope this helps

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