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    Jul 28, 2007
    wireless acting odd, plz help
    my macbook pro wireless function is acting very odd for the last few weeks. its losing connection very often and the network that its on stops showing up on the list of usable networks. when it is connected, its super slow and has almost no range. can anyone tell me why this is happen or how to fix it? thx for the help.

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    i have heard a couple people say this before. only with the mbpro. huummmm weird

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    this there some kind of defect in the mbpros?

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    software/firmware of MBP and router up to date?

    what type of router are u using?

    i have a d-link at home and i have no problems with my MBP.

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    Jul 28, 2007
    am using the modem/wireless router that was given by verizon fios.

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    had the very same problem with my MBP and Qwest provided all-in-one modem/router... went out and purchased the d-link dir655 for my router and have had zero problems since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bomt697 View Post
    this there some kind of defect in the mbpros?
    Not at all. See the Wireless Networking FAQ (linked to in my signature) and start walking through the steps and get back to us with whether the problem persists.

    Typically wireless issues that pop up seemingly out of nowhere are related to a neighbor who recently added a wireless network. Usually just changing the channel that your router uses for its signal will correct the problem.
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