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    macbook airport not connecting to 2wire wireless??
    ok i have been using my macbook since august for school and it has been awesome. but i was wandering does anyone else who owns/uses the 2wire wireless have a problemconnecting to there wireless network. i have double checked everything password everything and nothing works. i can hook up to my neighbors just fine but its REALLLLY SLOWWW!!!! but then after like 3 or so days itll work flawless, but when i use my macbook to send out internet to my xbox 360 for xbox live the wireless will crash if i play for long periods of time.. but works with windows laptops connecting and my windows phone. thanks and any input is greeatly appreciated

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    If its one of those SBC ones, make sure that you got the password right. I assume your reading the number off the bottom of the router. I thought for weeks that my computer just wouldn't connect but it happens that on those 2wire stickers the numbers kinda ran together or the letters looked like #'s or the #'s looked like letters.

    Try hardwire connecting it and logging into the router through your browser and resetting the wpa password.

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