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    Anchor Free Has Anyone Tried It?
    Hey I stumbled upon this program today and i have decided to give it a go. The thing I like about it is that is it dead simple to set up and it is free. There is only one drawback that I can think of, it has ads, I think that is the only way hat they can stay in business huh? So has anyone tried this out? Are there any others like it? Do you even use VPN or other safety precautions while online via wireless?

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    what exactly is it? I know they list free wi-fi spots but what else is it?

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    oh yeah it is a VPN client I think they are called clients. Anyways basically it will automatically encrypt ALL the data that is incoming and outgoing from your computer to the router to the internet and back and forth. Unlike SSL, which only encrypts data going between the router and the computer. I think that makes some sense...

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