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    Bandwidth Monitoring App
    Hi everyone...

    Just a quick question. Im at university and I have a 2gb up/down bandwidth cap per week (i know, not much). I've gone over twice and if I keep going over im going to get shut down. I was wondering if anyone knew of some simple apps that track how much bandwidth you use.

    I currently have surplus meter however theres two flaws:
    you set monthly limits, not weekly
    the window cannot be closed and sits in the dock.

    i woudl really like an app that either ran in the menubar or as a widget so its out of the way and is easy to glance at/check.

    the key thing is I need to be able to see how much down and up I've gone through and have it continue to monitor that (like surplus meter). if i could set a limit too that'd be great.

    anyways hopefully someone can help me out.

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    61 might be what you are looking for

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    MenuMeters is awesome for constant monitoring. For a speed test, try .
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    If you use iStat, either as a widget or menubar app it moniters bandwidth.
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