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    Need help hooking up Printer to Existing Network
    Can I just use this:

    I have a Netgear Max router with no USB print server ports. If I get the above, will it work with my router or do I need the APE Base station?

    Or what do you recommend?

    I have a HP C4280.


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    I'm fairly sure that the express does just what you want it to do. Network a printer to share. Its the full airport Base Station that does both Hard Drives and Printers. So if in the future you want to share and external hd over the network then get the base station, otherwise the express will be just fine.

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    The express will do the print server thing, and I believe would also allow you to connect an ethernet network drive to the ethernet port (assuming you use the express in "repeater" mode and let your Netgear router continue to be your interface with your cable or dsl modem).

    I've been using an Express for a little over a year as a range extender and Airtunes player, and it's very stable and does what it's supposed to do.

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