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    powerbook g4 wireless card question
    ive got a 3 year old powerbook g4 and i dont know if im just noticing it now, or its gotten worse over time or something, but i dont have very good wireless range. when im in range it works well and everything, but all my roommates (2 with really old pc's) and one with an ibook (about 2 years old) all get much better reception than I do. its annoying not being able to use the internet in my room or anything. are there new better cards i can buy (i guess i'd assume so but i have no idea how to go about finding out which would be compatible with my computer or really bad at this stuff) or maybe it could be a non-card related problem? any suggestions would be great, thanks

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    You could either:
    A) Buy a 3rd party USB or Express34 wifi card.
    B)Buy a new Airport Card with N for your powerbook (I don't know if these are offered seperatly, or even if they will work in a powerbook)

    I suggest option A, try to get either Linksys or Netgear, they seem to be the most trouble free and mac ready.

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