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    airport express set up help

    i just purchased an airport express base station and here's the problem i'm having. I set it up and tried it out with my powerbook laptop and after an initial problem, it was working. then i connected my windows desktop to the basestation with an ethernet link (i should mention we have a cable DSL line, which is hooked up to base station). i got the desktop to work, but now the laptop will no longer get internet. it recognizes my new network but i get the error "cannot find server." i've tried resetting the cable modem to no avail.

    even more curious, my laptop WILL connect to the internet through airport using a network that belongs to one of my anonymous neighbors.

    any idea what's going on? i have a feeling it's a settings issue, but haven't been able to figure it out. if you have any thoughts--without jargon pls, as I'm not all that much of a techie, i'd greatly appreciate it.

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    You need a router too though. The airport express just takes the ethernet signal and converts to a wireless signal. You can have either your desktop connected to the internet, or your notebook, but not both. You need to get a wireless router like the Airport Extreme or similar.
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    sorry, yes i have airport extreme, not express.

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