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    Limewire and Firewall settings...
    My Limewire stopped working after recently stopping, then restarting my internet account with Cox Cable...I understand that Cox, as well as router settings may disable the ability to connect, but I am using the same router and have used Limewire in the past with Cox, so I have limited my options for the interference to my personal firewall settings on my MacBook and would like to know how to change, or better, what to change in terms of settings to get over this issue. Any feedback is appreciated, thank you.

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    24 Illegal Song Downloads Cost U.S. Woman 220,000 Dollars

    She would have been better off if her Limewire access had been blocked.

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    There are legitamate reasons for sharing files. It's distributing the huge download across multiple peers. The downloader gets the file fast, and everyone else doesn't take a huge bandwidth hit.
    If you ever downloaded Fedora you'd understand!

    Limewire should adapt to the problem and find an open port. This seems odd to me. If you prove to Cox that you need Limewire for legit reasons, and they are purposely blocking it, they should have to unblock it.

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