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    Question ibook connecting to imac via AP
    Hi everyone!

    I have had airport on my iMac (2Ghz Power PC G5 with Tiger) and iBook (1.2Ghz Power PC G4 with Leopard) for a while now, but have never used them. I decided to try and get it working recently, but the iMac Airport wasn't being found. I solved this eventually by reseating the card and it's fixed (until it 'unseats' again I guess). So now AP is working on both except...

    I can connect fine to my iBook FROM my iMac, but not from the iBook to my iMac. The iBook knows that the iMac is there, detects it as an Airport network, and even brings it up in the Finder under Networks. But when I double click the network to connect/open it, it just hangs with that coloured spinny ball. I can't even connect via the Go>Connect to Server using the IP address, or using the 'Network Setup Assistant'- that doesn't even locate my iMac like Finder does, and if I type in the details it tells me my password is wrong, which it's not.

    Any ideas?


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    Could it be that Leopard doesn't like talk to Tiger, or shouldn't that make a difference? Are there anymore details I could give to help you figure out what could be going wrong, or what I'm doing wrong?


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