I'm admitting that I need help. I work in the IT Department at my university, as a "Lab Assistant". Job description includes configuring/installing to allow access to the 802.11 network at all university campuses/locations.

Just saying... I really should know what's going on, but can't figure it out. I imagine it's something really simple, but being I'm the most proficient mac user on the team (and that's not saying much) I've been having trouble getting help.

Before the last airport update (I guess this was April 07 or so) I was using the university network with no problems, and my settings were saved. Currently I have to click on Airport>Other to add the UofL network. EVERY time.

Notice UofL_Auth is not listed.

When I set up on other users' macs. I typically open internet connect. And add a new 802.1X Connection. This has been disabled for me. (I noticed this when I returned to school this August--in the past, when I had it set up before, I had used this option)

But I can still go to Other > Closed Network. I have to manually input the network name each time, even though my 802.1X Configuration Settings have been saved as "UofL" (including my user name and password)

The questions I ask:
Why is adding a new 802.1X connection Disabled? Why can't I figure out how to save my settings, even with "look for recent wireless networks" enabled.

The original documentation for my department can be read here: http://kathleenkiefer.com/junk/Using...Wireless-1.doc
But I think it may be outdated. I have tried to re-follow the instructions, but things are a little different for me for some reason.

I'm sure I have some setting incorrectly set, I just can't figure out which.

Thanks in Advance.