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    Question Remotely connecting two Macs while bypassing the router?
    I'm looking for some advice on how to proceed now.
    I want to access this Mac from my university. I have no problems with the software or permissions, it's the router on my accomodation network that seems to be preventing me from going any further with Dynamic DNS and SFTP.
    I have no way to port forward to my computer that I know of. And as far as I can see, that's the only way to navigate to a computer on the internal network from outside.

    Is there any software that functions like Simplify Media, where it connects two computers while skipping any issues the router throws my way?

    Or is there a way to navigate to my internal IP address from outside without port forwarding?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Port forwaring would need to be done on the remote macs firewall.

    I suggest using SSH to tunnel to it. Most likely you can access https web site from school,...yes? Set the remote mac to listen for ssh on port 443. Then use ssh tunnel manager to tunnel to the remote mac using 443 instead of 22. Create your tunnels from there.

    Google search for change default ssh port mac os x

    Plenty of info out there for this.

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