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    help - finding most recent drivers (updates) for original Airport card
    Hey. I'm guessing Apple has discontinued any support on the original Apple airport card. I'm having trouble finding the most recent update for it. I've search Apples site but it's all I can find is old information and stuff on it that doesn't help me. I'm running WPA security from my router with TKIP and PSK, so I'm hoping that the most recent update will have suppot for that, otherwise I'll have to use whatever security the Aiport card has.

    So does anybody know an easy way to find the most recent update for it? If possible, I'd like to get it from my PC, then transfer it to my mac, since my mac keeps freezing. But if I have to use my Mac, I'll try to download it that way.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Aug 13, 2007
    Hey, nevermind. Sorry, it's just now displaying in software update

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