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Thread: More IP addresses

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    More IP addresses
    I have a comcast wireless modem hooked up to an Airport Extreme. The
    problem i am having is that the Comcast box only gives out 5 IP addresses,
    but my Airport Extreme can give out 50 IP's. So my question is: How can i bypass the comcast box so that the IP's are coming from the Airport Extreme? Could i disable the wireless part of the Comcast box?

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    Even thought the extreme can give out 50 ip addresses it only uses one ip address with the isp (comcast). Basically the router (extreme) will get an ip address from comcast, then assign internal ip addresses to your computers. The ip that my macbook has is not the same as my external ip address what my internet provider has given me. If your comcast box is also a wireless router you should be able to disable the wireless portion and use the extreme as your wireless router.

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    ya that is basically what i want to do...the problem is we have more than 5 things that need to be on the basically, if i disable the wireless portion of the comcast box (which i cant figure out how to) will that give me more IP addresses?

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    Yes. Disable the wireless portion of the Comcast box and plug the wired portion (WAN/LAN) into the Airport. Then allow the Airport to assign the internal IP addresses to all of the other devices on the wireless network.

    This all assumes that a) you even CAN disable the wireless part of the Comcast box and b) it has a WAN/LAN output that you can plug into the Airport.

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