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    Airport won't work - please help!!

    I have a aiport card in my macbook. It used to work fine connecting to my home internet until we put a password on it. Now, the one day it connects and the next day it doesn't. Also, sometimes it just randomly disconnects.
    Another problem is that at my university there's a wireless network. With my old iBook I never had any problems. With my macbook it works in the one building but not in the other building.. It has a connection but internet just doesnt work. I checked to see if they're putting my mac adress through correctly but that's not the problem.. I ask the internet guys there and they said it's exactly the same internet in both buildings so i really really don't get why it doesnt work!?! One guy said I might have to change the port of the airport but I have no idea how to!!
    Can somebody please help me, I've tried everything!!!


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    Hi Linda

    I am not sure if I can help you with this but have experienced the same problem myself with my own home network and it is a known issue that seems to be tossed around without a solution. I found that, if my Mac was the only computer on the network at home, it connected without any problems. If one of our PC laptops was on first; there was always a problem connecting. I found that connecting via the LAN then allowing an airport connection to form, then disconnecting from the LAN provided a workaround.

    Interestingly, at work, we have to now download Cisco Clean Access Agent to connect to the student wireless network. Since downloading CAA, my Macbook Airport has worked perfectly at home and at work (even though I don't have to activate it at home). Even more interesting since there are loads of grumbles about CAA amongst the Windows OS users at work.

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