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    Connecting to another server (mac)...
    I'm have a macbook pro and I'm new to the network stuff. I have two other friends w/ macs (mb and mbp) and we're trying to figure out how to connect our computers so that we can send each other data. I figured out that if you connect to a server you can connected to any person's computer as long as your online. So I had a few questions about that:

    1) Is this the best way to do this? Connecting to their server then using their name and password to get on? Or is there another way to do this?

    2) Can you tell when other people are connected to you? How can you stop over people from connecting to your server? Do you simply uncheck the personal file sharing option in preferences? Or is it the FTP Access?

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    Personal File Sharing will give a connected user access to your public folder. FTP access will give them full access to your hard drive. When you turn Personal File Sharing or FTP it will give you an IP address that you can send to your friend. They will be prompted for your username and password. I do not know of a direct way to see who is connected to you but I bet you could use terminal to see who your connected to.

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