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    airport unable to reconnect after sleep mode (powerbook G4)
    I've been using my new powerbook to connect to a d-link di-624 wireless g router at home for the past few week for the past few weeks with no problems. Lately though, i am unable to get the powerbook to reconnect to my network after sleep mode. The network is not broadcasting the SSID, but is running openly without security. I know it is not a problem with the router (or does not seem to be) because i have a windows XP laptop running beside it that can disconnect and reconnect to the wireless router with no problems, simply by typing in the network name. Any idea's on how to solve this problem? It actually seems that rebooting does not always help the situation, and it doesn't actually happen after every time i enter sleep mode, just a couples times a week. All my software and drivers are uptodate from using the sytem updater and i am running 10.3.4 version of OS X. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Do you have the latest Airport driver update? Check Software update to make sure. I had this problem before the latest update a couple months ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GLJones
    Do you have the latest Airport driver update? Check Software update to make sure. I had this problem before the latest update a couple months ago.
    Yeah, the powerbook itself is not even a month old and there haven't been any updates since the first day i brought it home and did a full software update on it. So i would believe that this would not be the cause unless there is some sort of flaw even in the new driver?

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    I find this happens with my current iBook, but I'm not sure if it's exactly the same. To solve the problem on my iBook, I enable the airport indicator in the status menu next to the battery life, and click it and select the network when it powers back up from sleep mode.

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