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    HELP with DSL and Apple Airport Extreme
    I have a ATT dsl line. And it's plugged into the WAN of the Airport and ! of the Airport outs to a Vonage VOIP modem. The systems works fine, but every now and then I have to go over and reset the modem by powering it off anf then back on. When I try do resetup the Airport or add my express base station in the basement I get Double NAT errors etc???? Any help would be great.... This excact config was working fine at my old house using comcast and i never had a problem.....

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    Can you log directly into the IP of the DSL modem and turn off NAT and DHCP so the Airport can deliver those services?

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    What Modem is the DSL using? Does it say AT&T on it? What is the Model Number on the DSL Modem that plugs into the WAN on the Airport?

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