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    Help with airport and dell im a firm believer in macs i have a macbook pro and i use an airport (original? i think) for wireless internet

    the high school i go to gave every student laptops(dell latitude D520's) which are not very good. at all. all i require is the basics from it. one thing being connecting to my airport. which it will do about once a week. Is it the dell? or the airport? my dell gets internet at school fine. and my macbook always get good reception at home.

    please help

    on a side note--
    our school is trying the new Vista buisness operation system for one of the first times in a public 1:1 situation. it is jsut as we all thought. A terrible copy of OS X. on average it takes about 2 mins to start up. then another 2 to log in. Oh, and you have to relogin everytime you shut your lid. once your logged in its not any better. The new version of microsoft word is extremly bad. theres not even a tool bar. im fairly computer savvy and im having trouble figuring stuff out on it. i feel sad for all the non techies. but yea thats jsut my rant against Vista. MACS FTW!!! or at least XP!

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    I am not clear about what you are asking. Is it a connection problem based on password problems? Or just the Dell not able to pick up the network signal?

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