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    Problem connecting to my home network
    I just bought a new mac book and I am having trouble connecting to my home network. I have tried everything to connect. I have contacted apple care, linksys and my internet provider. I actually can connect to my network but airport cannot find the IP address.

    Can anyone please help me.

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    Linksys wireless router eh? Using WEP encryption?

    My standard reply: Stick a '$' in front of the WEP key.

    Otherwise, not sure.

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    did u type in your iformation manually? thats what i had to do

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    sounds like DHCP is turned off for your router. means you will have to manually give your macbook an IP

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    Regarding Manually giving mac an IP
    How do I make sure what is the correct IP address and not for the router adress.


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    Why don't you turn DHCP on? Under System Preferences - go to Network.
    Under the TC/IP tab, select "Using DHCP" opposite configure.

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    If you turn DHCP on your macbook on you have to make sure your router has DHCP turned on also.

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    To connect to your Windows PCs or file servers, simply go the OS X Finder and then select Go --> Connect to Server (Command-K). In the dialog box that appears, you can type the IP address or host name of the server you're connecting to and then click the Connect button. Alternatively, click the Browse button in the dialog box to search your local network for available servers and shares.

    To configure a folder and all the files in it to be shared folder(s) on a network, follow these steps:
    1. Right-click the folder, and then click Sharing and Security
    2. Click to select the Share this folder on the network check box, and then click OK.
    Local NTFS Permissions:
    Owner: Full Control
    Administrators: Full Control
    System: Full Control
    Everyone: Change
    Network Share Permissions:
    Everyone: Full Control

    However, this can also be tricky because remote users and local users may not necessarily mean "network" users - at least, in some cases, not the same network you are referring to. Microsoft is not known for making this process easy for their customers, which you now know.

    If all else fails, I work for a company called Pure Networks and I'd like to suggest something else for you to try -- I believe this will make sharing files much easier on you. You can try this free download to see if you like it:
    (Mac version)
    (PC version)

    For full disclosure -- While I do not receive any sort of direct per-click reward or compensation for adding the links above, I do work for Pure Networks, the creator of Network Magic, so my providing the links may benefit the company indirectly. That being said, if you're still having issues with PC to Mac networking, I'm still here to help. So ask away!

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