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    Question Confused About VNC and SSH?
    I would like to remote control my pc with my mac, I have used VNC and it worked great. Then I realized that VNC is not encrypted, so since i'll be doing this often from my college dorm (think about about 250 people, someone has to be a computer engineer or something, snooping around) I think it would be better to use a VNC session inside a SSH tunnel. After browsing around I found that I don't even need a VNC client and or a VNC server? Just use SSH to remote control my pc? Another website said that I should use the SSH Helper and SSH Tunnel ManagerAt this point I need someone to clarify this. How would you guys go about this? Also both of my machines have Dynamic IP's so I think I need a DNS service thingy so I can use my pc, I have checked out No-ip Is this what I need? Thanks for the help in advance!

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    If you just want to remote control the PC, use Remote Desktop Connection. It's free and it's encrypted. You can download it right from Microsoft's site. This is all assuming that you're PC is XP or higher.

    I'm not familiar with No IP, but DynDNS is free and what I use for dynamic IP's.

    In regards to VNC over SSH, this is what I use to control my Mac from my PC since I haven't seen a Mac freindly VNC server that uses encryption. (I suppose there are things I could do but haven't)

    I use SSH Tunnel Manager to create the SSH connection and to set up the tunnels I want to use, like 5901:1MY.EXT.IP.AD:5900 Then when using COTVNC I enter SSH then does the routing over the encrypted tunnel to the ports prespecified.

    Also since a lot of the places I work block port 22 traffic outbound I setup my Mac to listen for SSH requests on port 443, which is usually always open.

    ssh -p 443 MY.EXT.IP.AD -l username

    This can all be specified in SSH Tunnel Manager.

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