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Thread: Share my broadband wirelessly?

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    Share my broadband wirelessly?
    Hi All,

    I'm on an oversees assignemnt with work and taken my iMac with me, but trying to minimse additonal spend so would be nice to buy a wireless router, but would rather take the skinflint route !

    I have a DSL PPoE connection with a single network link into the DSL MODEM, which is connected to my iMac.

    Is it possible to then use the wirelss airport in the mac to allow my laptop and gadgets such as my Nokia 770 to connect to the mac, which in turn shares the internet ?

    I have enabled personal web sharing, but can't get a wireless connection from my laptop to mac.

    any pointers or guides i can follow ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    System preferences > Sharing > Internet

    Then just select the source for sharing and the device you want to share it through (airport). If it doesn't work, try Airport options and make it encrypted with a password...

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