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Thread: PCMCIA Cards???

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    PCMCIA Cards???
    Hi, just wondering about these cards for WiFi connections in a 15 inch G4 Aluminum Powermac. It's one of the "older" ones with the nearly full length hinge on the lid.

    I'm told that the internal wireless card from Apple goes for $129 or so. I see on eBay that these cards are 50 bucks or less and they claim that they work in Macs. I'm not even sure that there's a PCM slot in my Mac, but then again, I haven't really looked at it for a while.

    Advice please?? Am I just going to be wasting my money getting one of those cards??

    Many thanks.


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    Some PB G4's had pcmcia and the newer mdoels have expresscard. So you first need to be sure of which you have. Btw...your might want to go to the manufacturers websites before purchase to make sure they have mac supported drivers.

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    Thanks. These are advertised on eBay for around $50.

    BTW, I got a replacement battery via eBay from China. Identical to the original battery and only $50 compared to the $120 the local Apple dealer wanted for a new battery. Sheesh!

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