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Thread: New to Macbooks and airports

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    New to Macbooks and airports
    Hi Everyone.
    I'm new to Macs and setting up wireless internet... so you might have to humor me here.
    We have wireless internet through a Linksys router.. however I can't jump on the internet. My roommate has set up the internet so you have to just know our password required. Yet, I can't get on.

    The weird part is, I can jump on anyone else's (unsecured) internet.

    I tried setting up a WEP key, renaming it...doesn't work.

    Any suggestions?

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    Macs have a little trouble with WEP encryption. Apparently there is some code that it has to be converted to if it doesn't work right off the bat. See if your roommate will use WPA security as it is not only more secure, but is less of a hassle for your Mac to get onto.

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    If the router is using WEP, you probably have to tell it the WEP address of your machine for it to allow it access to the network (or maybe vice-versa, I forget). I always thought WEP had to have a password with it. If so, your comment about not having a password doesn't make sense.

    If all you need is the SSID (network name) and no password, then WEP shouldn't be needed.

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    In some cases you put a '$' in front of the password for the network, on your Mac.

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    Hi, thanks for the suggestions everyone.

    What I meant was her SSID is not public but since we know the SSID, no password is needed. But I tried to make it public and add a password- that did not work. Then, I tried to generate a 128 bit key (or whatever its called), and that didn't work either.

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