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    What is killing my speed?
    Hey guys -

    Right now, I have a desktop running Windows XP hardwired to my router, an Apple Airport Extreme. I also have a MacBook with OS X and an Airport Express to extend my network's range.

    I just tested my desktop's speeds, getting 15,359 kb/s down and 1313 kb/s up (Comcast). The laptop, however, is getting only 4991 kb/s down and 891 kb/s up. I have full signal strength. I'm currently broadcasting on channel 11.

    I have WPA encryption enabled. I've read that can make a difference, but isn't that on older hardware only?

    Could it be a bad card inside the MacBook?

    I tested again, this time I wired the MacBook to the router.

    I was getting 12,148 down 1,321 up on the Windows desktop.

    Wired to the router, I'm getting 4,355 down, 1073 up on the MacBook. This must mean its a setting on the laptop, right?

    Any tips would be appreciated and if you have any questions that will help you to help me feel free to ask.

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    What do you get when you bypass the router and plug the Macbook or the PC directly into the Modem?

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    Since it does it even Wired to the router that rules out any Airport issues including WPA as Wired does not use Encryption nor Airport. That is a LARGE speed drop there. Not really sure what is going on. Try Baggss suggestion and report back. That really makes no sense especially wired like that.

    I take my iBook to a friends and even with Wifi 2 rooms away from his router I get with Comcast Cable 15,000+kb/s like you are getting on your PC and this is WiFi and a distance away.

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