Hey, I've just moved into university halls and I'm trying to get my fiancees mac (G4 mini, Panther) networked with mine (G4 mini, 10.4.10) so we can access each other's music/data from our own rooms...

The internet is running on a temporary line right now, because the main supplier are being crap, so we have limited net access, which seems to not allow any secure server connections so we can't check our emails etc. I'm not sure whether this is simple port blocking at the Hall's router (which may explain why we can't network the macs right now) or with the temporary provider.

Having gone through various settings, pings, trouceroutes etc. I can safely say that they just won't communicate! They're both on the same workgroup (although mine is Workgroup, and hers is WORKGROUP...) and we can both view and connect/mount to several Pc's that share the workgroup. We can also see the same shared itunes folders, but not each other.

I've made sure that personal file sharing, windows sharing, and appletalk are all active and unblocked in the sharing tab, and even tried totally turning the apple firewall off!

I think I read that apple networking is more secure than standard windows, which may explain why we can't see each other, but can see some PCs. I'm guessing that the problem is that we're invisible to all users right now, not that we can't fully see the network.

Anyway, I've never had to seriously use networking settings on a mac simply because it's always just worked before with no hassle, so I really don't have a clue what I need to play with, so can anyone offer any suggestions on how to connect? I'm also finding it weird using two versions of OS X because settings keep changing places! (bring on leopard )