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    Can't use Internet with OSX! Workarounds?

    I'm teaching at a college in China, and living on campus.

    The campus Internet requires use of an authentication program called Dr. Com, which is Windows only. At present, my brand new (1 month old) Macbook is sitting in the corner, while I am forced to get online using an old beater Windows machine the uni gave me.

    It sucks large.

    What are my options? If I used Parallels to load the authentication program, would my entire computer go online, or only the Windows, uh, window?

    However, I'd rather not use Parallels unless absolutely necessary. Simply, I don't want Windows XP on my computer. So, I was thinking about hooking up a Wi-Fi router to the Windows machine, and then going online with my Macbook via Airport.

    I bought a router yesterday. My Mac says it's online, but all sites I try to access won't load. Safari shows a DNS error, Firefox simply says "unable to connect".

    So, in summary, here are my questions:

    1. Is there some way to configure the Wi-Fi router to give my Mac access?

    2. If not, and I must use Parallels...
    a) Will my OSX platform be able to access the net, or only the Windows one?
    b) Any chance of Parallels mucking up my computer? Will it slow things down?

    FYI, I've got a white Macbook, 2.0 GHz, 2GB ram, 80 GB HD, 35 GB currently free.

    Thanks in advance for any tips!

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    I would think you may be able to build... or find a desktop box with wifi in it... use this windows box to connect to with wifi... after you get it share the connection with your ethernet adaptor and use a crossover cable to connect your macbook and your windows machine and share the connection.


    you may be able to buy a cheap wifi adaptor... like a usb... and use it to brodcast your own wifi connection... and share it with the incoming wifi connection...

    you may also want to use dr com with crossover for mac... it lets you run windows programs on a mac without installing windows...

    o ya one more thing... i know that the macbook has bluetooth... but if your windows machine has bluetooth too you can share the internet connection over bluetooth...

    hope one of these solutions work

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