My current wireless router has just spectacularly died (in a big cackley puff of smelly smoke) and i am looking to get a new draft n router. Now apple are out of the window due to there inexplicable lack of gigabit Lan. I also have some 802.11b/g stuff that i don't really want to change at the moment, so i have come across the Belkin N1 Vision, it seems to have everything i need, and the ability to run two wireless networks from the same box, and it looks damb sexy.

Now the problem, it's not due out here till the end of november, begining of december. I really don't think i can do without my wireless till then, so what would my options of buying it from the us and getting it imported be. If i could find an online retailer who would ship to the uk (suggestions welcomed) would it work ok? Especially the wireless, i assume tha wifi is wifi wherever you are, but i wanted to check before i import it and wipe out the local poice frequencies or something!!

Any help greatly appeciated!!