I'm having serius problems connecting 3 mac and a windows machine with
a Netgear router DG834G.
I have a Powerbook G4, and a Mabook. My flatmates, has a windows laptop and
my other flatmate just bought a new iMac. We have a wireless network but
for some reason I don't manage to connect all machine at the same time.
For connecting I mean, the airport does not connect to the router.
Something like the following happens:

if powerbook is connected then macbook doen't connect
if iMac is connected then makbook doesn't connect
if windows machine is connected then macbook and imac do not connect.

untill yesterday, imac and pc could be connected at the same time.
But now not anymore. The only combination now seems to be windows laptop and the powerbook.

Btw, for the network I'm using WPA-PSK as sicurity option. Dunno if this is an issue, but I tried to disable any sicurity and still I cannot connect some machines together.

This looks very random to me. Can anyone help please?