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    ibook networking problem
    Hey ppl,

    I am having a problem connecting to my existing network with my newly acquired ibook. I have an Airport Extreme card installed in my ibook already but for some reason it doesn't seem to detect my wireless network at home. I am using Netgear WGR614 802.11g router with WEP 128bit encryption.
    Sorry if the above post seems like an easy topic but I am a new mac user so any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Cheers! = )

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    Hmmmm if your network is encrypted, it might not be able to find it.

    Hit 'other' in the airport tab and then enter your networks identification.
    does that work?

    If not try downloading macstumbler software which lets you find networks in your vincinity and tells you how strong the signal is. (also finds encrypted ones)

    If that can find your network, try switching off the encryption and see if that works.
    If it doesn't, maybe your airport card isn't inserted properly, or connected to the antenna correctly...

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    Also, if your network is closed you will have to use other then "network name: " and then password: I suggest keychain for the password unless you want to go through and type in all those numbers and letters everytime you turn the comp. on :-D

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    Thanks for the advice ppl.....seems like my airport only likes to connect using WPA-PSK encryption when connecting onto the network....and when i tried using WEP it won't work....
    so now i've just got encryption off and it works!
    = )

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    if you would like to use encryption, I believe that you add a $ sign somewhere...

    Where it says WEP is where you insert your wep encryption key.
    It's one of these:

    try each one....and see if it works

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