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Thread: help on NetGear wireless router

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    help on NetGear wireless router
    ok ppls, heres the dice, I have a Netgear 11mps? wireless router i purchased many years ago . I used to use it on a PC, I had the manual and the CD with it but i never set it up with a password so my neighbours could steal my broadband. i havent used that wireless router for many years since. i bought my first MAC weeks ago and I have took the wireless router out of the cupboard stuck my modem lan cable into it, power it up, walked into my lounge room turned on my lovely (sexy) iMAC and WHAAA LAA!! bingo!! it detected the wireless (known as "wireless" in the menus here) it surfs the net faster than my PC did direct connect into the mdem??!! great!! ok, my concern is I feel my broadband is the local h@@ker here and everyone is getting a peice of the action!

    my question is..

    How for the life of me do i put a password in place??

    a friend of mine suggested i type in into the browser - all well and good but! it askes for a password, I dont remember what I set it up as(the router) all those years ago! and that's if I did set it up - i cant remember.

    thanks in advance ppls!

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    If it's as old as you say, I wouldn't even bother turning on security. Older Wi-Fi routers only support WEP encryption, which is basically useless these days as it can be cracked in a matter of minutes with readily available tools.

    With the prices on N and G routers as low as they are these days, I would strongly recommend you consider a newer model.

    If you do wish to pursue setting up security on your old router, simply flip it over, get the model number, go out to Netgear's web site and look it up. All of the manuals and software will be available there.
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    Hi- not sure if this will help, but just purchased a new Netgear router today (and hooked it up- fab!) and the username is: admin and the password is: password. Both all in lowercase.

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