here is the background: i have a buffalo WHR-G54S router connected to a DSL modem and hardwired to a windows PC. i am using a 128-bit WEP wireless encryption. i have an airport express connected to the router via WDS and it is acting as a ethernet bridge for my xbox 360. i had a powerbook g4 connected to it via wireless also, and everything worked fine.

now, i have replaced the powerbook with a new imac and the network is not working correctly. i used the firewire transfer utility from the old computer to the new, so i assumed all necessary settings would have been transfered too. all systems can connect to the network fine excluding the new imac. the imac can only connect to the airport express, it fails when trying to connect to the buffalo base station. i have gone through the keychain and reentered all the necessary passwords for the buffalo, but it still fails connection.

any advise on how to remedy the issue would be helpful, thanks.