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    I recently updated my airport extreme with the new firmware and it ran me through all the setup. when all was said and done i can not log onto the internet now. Everything was working fine until the firmware upgrade. here is the message i keep getting, I also did a hard reset on the router.


    Poblem 1 of 1 : Internet Connection

    Your base station does not have a valid IP address. Make sure your base station is connected to your broadband modem or local network,verify your settings, and try again. If you still cant connect, ccontact your internet service provider.


    I can by pass the router and plug my cable modem directly into computer and get connection. So the problem lies somewhere in configuring the router after the darn firmware upgrade. ANY HELP WOULD BE WONDERFUL


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    I know it may seem simple, but have you tried resetting the cable modem?

    Alternatively, you'll need to log into the router and help it find the cable modem, giving the IP address or making sure it has DCHP enabled. Sometimes updating firmware can reset default settings to some strange values.
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