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    Tethering MACBOOK to 8525. HELP
    I tried several different approaches to tether my 8525 to my MACBOOK, with no success.

    I have specific scripts from the web installed into the modem scripts folder. No luck with any of them. I believe the scripts aren't the problem but the COM ports are the culprit.

    I recieve an error message that says," Failed to open RFCOMM serial channel. Check if authentication needs to be enabled in your device"

    This is after pairing the 8525 to the MACBOOK and completing the blue tooth setting in the Network folder in the System Preference folder.

    The pairing is successful because I can "send files" to the 8525 via blue tooth icon.

    I read somewhere that the MACBOOK should allow me to set and choose COM ports but I haven't found the option.

    My question is where do I find the COM port option in the MACBOOK because I believe that is where my problem is.

    MACBOOK C2D, OS 10.4.10.
    8525 ROM: 2.15.502.3

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    I'll assume that an 8525 is a cellphone with bluetooth capability of some kind. If so, what I would suggest downloading Bitpim, which at the very least will give you somewhat of a clue as to which 'serial port' is the correct device to refer to for the bluetooth. When I paired my cell with my and used Bitpim to talk to the phone, while setting it up the "Com Port" which bitpim referred to use for comm with it was /dev/cu.Myphonename-BTDIAG-1, so this is info you could possibly use to get your Mac communicating with your device.

    If you're not talking about a cell phone, then I apologize.

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