Hi All,
I recently set up dsl with a wireless modem. This is the modem from AT&T. The modem is connected to my PC desktop where it works fine when I secure the wireless modem. However, my iBook (OS X v10.2.8, airport v3.1, Foxfire v2.0.0.6) will not work properly, like allow me to logon to yahoo mail, myspace, and other websites, when I secure the network. I've also tried Safari with no luck. As long as the network is not secure, it works fine but I'd rather not leave it unsecured. I called AT&T support and they tried a few things. Nothing worked. They told me there was a known problem with older airport and the fix was to update airport. I went on to apple's site but did not see an option to update the airport software. Does anyone know how I can secure my wireless connection and still be able to use it myself?