Both me and my roommate are experiencing the exact same problem. We both have Macbooks. The wireless internet works fine when connecting to any router, whether or not it be a secure connection, except for the one in our apartment. Our computers show that we are successfully connected to our router (with full signal strength), but we are unable to get online. For instance, when we try to visit any website, it instantly comes back with server not found.

I looked into this problem a little bit and the mac address of the router ends in "...:14" when we are connected wirelessly and unable to reach the internet. On all our windows and linux machines, however, the mac address of the router shows up the same except ending in "...:15"

Sometimes it fixes the problem to go connect to another router for a second, then connect to ours, sometimes not.

Do we just need to buy another router? Why is this only happening with our computers running OSX? Any help you guys can throw my way would be much appreciated!