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    Help! I am having problems setting up my wireless router
    I bought a Linksys WRT54G and cannot figure out how to set it up with my Macbook. I do not have Windows on my computer. Is that my problem? This is my first Mac and I love it, but I would also love to go wireless in my house. Can anyone help me me set up my Linksys Wireless Router. If so, please give me "dummy instructions." If you need more details or information from me, please let me know.

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    if you connect your router to your macbook hardwired, type in the address bar 192.168.*.* (* is for the last 2 digits) and type admin for the username with no password, you should be able to configure the router... change your ssid to the name you want your network to be, and enable encrpytion to ANYTHING higher then wep... preferably something like wpa2+aes and as added protection, if you really want to get advanced, enable mac address filtering... MAC address filtering will only allow pc's or laptops access to your wireless network if you permit them with the mac address... If you need any more help you can either pm me or one of the guys here can help you...

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    i believe the IP address is Make sure you change your router's IP address also.

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