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Thread: Apple Cuts Airport Extreme prices

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    Apple Cuts Airport Extreme prices

    Seems there is a lot happening at Apple for a WWDC... And there's still 3 days left.


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    Its a good think, if apple wants to compet with other computer makers. Why would someone buy an apple for $800 when he can get a dell for $500.

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    Because Apples are better :p ! But seriously because TCO (total cost of ownership) is much lower on a Mac than on a Dell (or any Windows machine for that matter). Yes, the upfront costs are more, but the maintainence is lower and the lifespan of a Mac is much longer than a PC.

    Also Mac's are so pretty compared to an ugly box and Windows.
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    Apple for 800 or Dell for 500, after getting the Dell then buying all the extra software to defend that os... add the time to reboot, update virus info, run spyware and search and destroy... hmmm

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    When I bought my iMac last week they sold me the Airport Extreme card for $79. Maybe the store jumped the gun or it was a throw-in price because I bought a new iMac, not sure.


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    No more AirPort (non-extreme) cards
    MacInTouch reported today that Apple has also discontinued the regular, non-extreme AirPort cards.

    If you're planning to go wireless soon and you have an older iBook/eMac/iMac that doesn't support AirPort Extreme, you might want to find one before the stores run out of stock. Once they're gone, the only option is a USB adapter, and I'm not sure how well supported those are.

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    Or you could get one off eBay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schweb
    TCO (total cost of ownership) is much lower on a Mac than on a Dell (or any Windows machine for that matter).
    Oh, come on now. We all love Macs, but let's not stretch too much.

    I don't even like Dell, but I can't deny that even among the PCs, it's hard to beat Dell in terms of the value. A Mac is better than a PC because it's more user friendly and elegant, not because it's cheaper than a PC.

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    Apple email to our store with new "suggested retail" prices from monday:

    AirPort Extreme Base w/ modem & antennae jack = was $249, now$199.
    AirPort Extreme Base without modem = was $199, now $179.
    AirPort Extreme Card = was $99, now $79.

    Apple 20" Cinema Display = was $1299, now $1199.
    Apple 23" Cinema Display = was $199, now $1799.

    unfortunately Apple 17" display remains $699, and AirPort Card (802.11b) remains $79

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