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    Question PC won't print to Airport printer
    I just made the switch from PC to Mac for my main work machine. I have a small network with a desktop PC (Win2000) and a PowerBook G4 running Panther.

    The Airport talks wirelessly with the PowerBook, and the PC is hooked up through the Ethernet cable on the Airport. The PC has no problem connecting to the Internet through the Airport.

    An HP5550 Deskjet is hooked up through the USB port on the Airport, and the Mac can print to this printer without a problem. However, the PC recognizes the existance of the printer (I can add it to Windows, //corbusier/hp_deskjet_5550) but it won't actually print.

    Is there something else I need to do for Windows to print to this printer? Does the Airport screw up the path settings that need to be entered into Windows? Is there some place I need to type the name of my wireless network?


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    I would suggest you to connect your printer to your winPC rather than to Airport station, and then connect your PB to the printer through PC (by adding "windows printing" through the Print Utility). There are a few reasons for it:

    1. Your PC most probably has a better support for the printer, more options to customize the printer properties etc., then Mac.
    2. The "Utility" on your Printer List is inaccessible if connected wirelessly (through Rendevouz)
    3. No need messing around with complicated setings.

    The only disavantage is that you won't be able to print if the Wintel machine is shut down.

    This is what I did, at least.

    If anyone here has some other ideas - I'd love to hear them!

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    Apple just posted RENDEVOUS for Windows on their website. Just install it on your windows PC and it will give you access to all rendevous resources, including the printer attached to your Airport.

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