Could someone please explane to me what the review below means, i.e. 802.11b or g mode?

My Mac pro is a 17"
Model 1,2
Intel core duo
2.16 GHz
2 MB ram
Airport extreme card 0x168C, 0x86

I use a airport express for printing, and playing itunes, and now want to upgrade to a Airport extreme base station, but i am not sure what the review below is all about?


In our tests, the AirPort Extreme achieved impressive speeds when set to g mode. It delivered 16.8Mbps of throughput at distances up to 25 feet, compared to 14.5Mbps for the Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G broadband router. However, performance dropped off quickly as the range increased; we couldn't even get a consistent signal at 100 feet, even though Apple claims that the base station's range is 150 feet.

Like most wireless-g devices we've tested, the AirPort Extreme's performance also plummeted once we introduced an 802.11b client and moved into mixed mode. Speeds in our tests hovered around 5.7Mbps--typical for an 802.11b network--and dropped like a stone when we moved more than 50 feet from the base station. In short, invest in the AirPort Extreme only if you plan to create a whole new wireless-g network; it's not worth upgrading if you're happy with your 802.11b AirPort base station.