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Thread: Can't i use Bluetooth and wireless at the same time?

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    Unhappy Can't i use Bluetooth and wireless at the same time?
    i was wonder that i coudn't use wireless router and bluetooth headset at the same time. This is my problem

    i connect to internet by wireless router. this wireless is in my roommate's room. The problem is when i use microwave my imac intel will disconnect from internet. i know that the wave from microwave disrupt wireless signal but when i've done with microwave. there is no wireless network show for me to choose. everytime i use microwave, i have to restart my computer to get my signal back. it's so annoy. but now, when i use my bluetooth headset at home. i believe that bluetooth wave disrupt my wireless signal again!. so i was wonder that because of my router, my imac, or it's normally happen. i wanna fix this problem so bad. i have to restart imac everytime that i use any emit-signal-stuff. thanks

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    First of Welcome to the Forums

    To answer your question... NO, you can use both the same time. I use wireless internet all the time on my MacBook, I have the Microwave on at times and it doesn't disrupt my connection. I also use my BT Headset all the time when I am working on my MacBook and that works fine as well.

    I can imagine there might be a problem with either your Router or your AirPort Card. I'd try using a different Router at first if that is possible. If that doesn't do the trick I'd take a ride to the nearest Apple Store.

    Good Luck, please update the thread with what you find.



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    The first thing I would do is simply move either the router or the microwave to a different spot. It might take a few placements to get it right, but that would be the best thing to do first.

    If that doesn't help at all, then perhaps a new router (or microwave) would be in order.
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    i just got an idea that the problem might be my wireless card in imac
    because my pc which sit next to my imac workink proprely when microwave turn on. and when i use bluetooth headset my pc connection is working but mac. So this is another question before i decide go to apple store.
    The wireless card in imac is normally worse than in pc? if it's not i will go to apple store.
    because i believe that usb 2 in my imac is way slower than usb 2 in pc
    i try a lot of time and i notice it that my thrumb drive is read and write data faster than my imac around 1.5 times

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    On the router side:

    Select channel 1,6 or 11.
    Beacon interval down to 20 ms.
    if you can, avoid using a mixed environment.
    Download the latest firmware for the router.

    Hope this helps

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    oh it's working. thank you so much. i think the channel of wireless router and my bluetooth is interupt each others. i change it to channel 11 and beacon interval down to 20 ms and i set to G mode only not mix mode. even though signal is no stronger but it won't be interupted anymore. Thanks

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    Very glad to be of service.

    You can always be adventurous and use WPA2/AES if you aren't already. I was reading today that this combination is the most 'robust' there is at the moment.

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